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Castello dell'Innominato / Camposecco / Magnodeno

Starting on foot from the Camping Rivabella, it is possible to walk up the mountain that surrounds the campsite. It is one of the most popular and loved destinations by our guests.

Stage 1: Castello dell'Innominato 30min (2km)  

(route suitable for everyone)

From the ruins of the castle you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Lecco, the lake and the mountains. Also worth visiting is the Sanctuary of San Girolamo, the small church and the chapels depicting his life.

Stage 2: Camposecco 1h 30min (3,5km)

(route suitable for trained people)

From the Castle, moving forward  uphill inside the wood you arrive  in Camposecco, where you will find a comfortable refuge offering typical dishes, open on Wednesdays and at weekends. You will see an enchanting view of Lake Lecco.

Stage 3: Monte Magnodeno 3h 30min (7km)

(route suitable for expert hikers)

Continuing uphill from Camposecco it is possible to reach the Magnodeno mountain overlooking Lecco and the Rivabella campsite.  

From here you can enjoy a  360 degree view  on all the Lecco mountains (Resegone, Grigne Group and Moregallo).


The summit is located at an altitude of 1,241 meters, the route - from Rivabella to Monte Magnodeno - has a difference in height of about a thousand meters!

Plans of Erna

The Piani d'Erna is a mountain locality located at 1375 m in the territory of Lecco, dominated by Mount Resegone and reachable by a cable car that leaves from the Versasio locality.


This area can be ideal for those who want to leave the hectic city life even for a few hours and indulge in moments of relaxation. This location offers breathtaking views and plenty of activities for families, young couples and groups of friends.


In summer it is possible to walk through the luxuriant woods , enjoy the coolness of the mountain and take the long paths .

20 min

Piani di Bobbio

Piani di Bobbio is one of the best known mountain resorts on Lake Como.

Located in the territory of Barzio in Valsassina at an altitude between 1660 and 2000 meters, they are connected by a comfortable cable carwhich connects them to Barzio in a few minutes.

In the summer, have fun on the many trails by walking or renting muscle or electric bicycles.

45 min


Resinelli are a tourist resort above Lecco, reachable by car.

It is configured as the starting point for numerous excursions and trails for both professionals and beginners.

Located on the Lombard Prealps , they are perched on a large saddle at the foot of the Grigne Group and from their privileged position you can enjoy an incomparable view of the mountains and the lake. The Massif delle Grigne, located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, between Lecco and Bellano, can be reached through various routes starting from the Resinelli Plains.  

The Resinelli Plains reach an average altitude of 1300 meters above sea level.


Don't miss the panoramic walkway .

30 min

Climbing, Falesie (the Cliffs)

Since the origins of sport climbing, the Lecco area has been one of the undisputed capitals of this discipline in Northern Italy.


Surrounding the climb here is that Lake Como which many consider one of the most beautiful in the world and, immediately above the banks, a splendid landscape, in which a multitude of cliffs of all sizes peep out from the green of the woods from those a few tens of meters high to the Dolomite-sized walls.


Higher still mountains and peaks where time and the elements have carved the limestone, generating a forest of ridges, gullies and walls.


All located in the center of the Alps, a few tens of kilometers from the large and within a weekend for those coming from the other regions of northern Italy or from countries such as France, Switzerland and Austria.


For those who want to organize a holiday among the Lecco cliffs, the first element to be carefully evaluated is the climate.  

Many of the most popular cliffs are located at rather modest altitudes, well below 1000 meters above sea level. Mid-seasons are ideal, especially spring.

Among the most loved and recommended by our guests we have: Galbiate with the Monte Barro Park , Lariosauro , Parete Stoppani (Resegone), Vaccarese and the  Sasso di Introbio .

30 min

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