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Beautiful village located on the eastern shore of Lake Como, it is located in front of Bellagio where it is connected with numerous ferries.

The beating heart of the village is its central square, overlooked by the Church of San Giorgio is a splendid example of medieval Lombard architecture.


Villa Monastero : suggestive architectural complex of the '500, once it was a convent of Cistercian nuns. Today it is one of the main tourist attractions, with its house museum and botanical gardens that host many plant species.


The lakeside promenade that transports you to a completely unique atmosphere, called the walk of lovers: a short arched metal walkway covered with climbing plants which, in warm periods, turns into a riot of colors. The structure, set in the rock, overhangs the lake and leads up to the landing stage.


Overlooking the village, almost to defend it, the ruins of the Vezio Castle , one of the main signaling points of the lake, with a square tower defended by a walled circle.

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Bellagio is located at the top of the so-called Larian Triangle at the base of the promontory that divides the lake into the branches of Como and Lecco.

Is one of the most famous and elegant villages. With its beautiful villas and gardens and the mild climate it allows tourists to fully enjoy the lake.

Obviously Bellagio is a splendid location even for a simple walk along the lakefront. You will be able to admire the beauty of both shores of the lake, in the imposing embrace of the Pre-Alps and the Alps to the north.


The historic center has numerous shops located along narrow stepped alleys, passages and arcades, the center is renowned throughout the world and attracts thousands of tourists every year.


Not to be missed: Villa Serbelloni luxury hotel and Villa Melzi with its beautiful gardens.

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Como offers pleasant discoveries to an attentive visitor with the lake and its historical monuments such as the Duomo and the Basilica of Sant'Abbondio.


It is recognized as a renowned tourist destination of the Lario, of that Lake Como to which it gave its name.

It is located in Lombardy on the western branch of the lake.

Como is an elegant and very lively town: its center is always lively all year round. With an international flavor and finds its roots in the 1st century BC in the Roman age.


And then the silk and silks unique in the world for refinement and originality, the result of a creativity that has been a tradition for centuries for the people who live on the lake.

Not to be missed: Lungo Lago , Cathedral , Volta Temple , Brunate

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Lecco is another famous city in Lake Como (branch of Lecco).

It offers a long panoramic lake and a characteristic town center. The “matitone” or the bell tower of the Basilica of San Nicolò is famous.


Surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Grigna and Resegone , Lecco boasts a unique natural context: water and rock come together in an essential combination that gives us breathtaking views, sunrises and sunsets.


One of the most beautiful and emblematic districts of Lecco is Pescarenico. It is an old fishing village described in the Promessi Sposi and really deserves to be discovered by walking in its alleys, as well as being admired on the other bank of the Adda river.


Lecco is also famous for the novel "Promessi Sposi" written by Alessandro Manzoni .

Not to be missed: Basilica of San Nicolò, Lungo Lago .

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