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Terms and Conditions

The Direction of the campsite, who is pleased to welcome you, reminds that - to guarantee everyone a peaceful and pleasant stay - the entry into the Camping involves the acceptance and full compliance with the following rules:

Access to the Camping

For the access to the Camping and for the occupation of the pitch the Direction’s authorization and the registration at the Reception, through presentation of an identity document, is mandatory. In the absence of such registration, the access to the Structure is not permitted. The access of the minors is allowed only if accompanied by a parent.

Camping services

Each pitch is exclusively provided for crew composed by a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 members. We can also provide pitches to groups or big crews, who must comply with this General Terms & Condition.

Opening period and times

The campsite is open every day from April 25 to September 30. During the closing period, a storage service is carried out in appropriate areas.

Reception hours: from 08:00 to 23:00.
Mini-market/bar hours: from 8.00am to 11.00pm.
Gate opening: from 07:00 to 23:00.


The daily rates shown at the entrance are per night and are intended from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. of the following day.



It is not mandatory to make any reservations for your stay at the campsite. However, booking a pitch is recommended by sending an e-mail to, especially if you intend to stay with caravans, campers or large tents. The reservation involves the payment of an advance. In case of delay without notice, the management reserves the right to occupy the pitch the following day.


The reception of guests and the registration formalities are allowed only during the opening hours of the Reception (from 8.00 to 23.00). Upon arrival, guests will provide the identity documents of all the members of the crew in order to allow the Direction to complete the "Arrival Statement".

In case of any changes concerning the crew-members, customers agree to inform immediately the Direction. If an unregistered member is found, his/her stay will be charged from the 1st day of arrival of the crew to which he/she refers.

Assignment and occupation of the pitch

Pitches are assigned, starting from 12:00 a.m., by the Direction which, depending on the period, can take into consideration the requests of the guests. The reservation of the pitch only guarantees the stay in the available areas upon arrival.

It is not allowed to install more than one crew for each pitch. Therefore, the equipment exceeding a car plus a tent, or a car plus a caravan, or a camper is to be considered extra price list and will therefore be charged separately. The occupation of a pitch other than the one assigned by the Direction is allowed only with the authorization of the Direction.

It is forbidden to alter in any way the status of the assigned pitch, unless justified by extraordinary weather conditions that put at risk the safety of people and/or things. When these conditions cease, customers are obliged to immediately restore, at their full care and expenses, the pitch.


The entry of one vehicle per pitch is included in the price. The stationing of vehicles is allowed only in the spot indicated by the Direction who, depending on the circumstances, might invite the customer to move the car to another spot so as to allow the installment of another crew.

For the quiet and safety of everyone, it is strictly forbidden to travel by car or by motorbike inside the campsite, except for the transfer from the entrance of the Camping to the pitch and vice-versa. The road inside the campsite must be followed at a walking pace, never exceeding 5 km/h. Traffic is prohibited at night (23.00-07.00).


The customer must liberate the pitch on the last day of stay by 12:00 a.m. The check out as well as any other accessory service for which immediate payment is not required, is allowed only during the opening hours of the Reception and can be made starting from the day before the departure and in any case must be made at the departure.

Seasonal customers

The seasonal stay of customers at the camping-site is allowed. In this case, a flat rate, depending on the number of people making up the crew, will be applied, upon acceptance by the Direction, who reserves in any case the right not to accept seasonal customers. Seasonal customers must be registered at their arrival, as required in the "check in" paragraph.

The payment of the flat rate must be made in two equal installments, expiring on May 15 and on August 15. The delay of payment of the aforementioned installments, exceeding 30 days, constitutes a serious breach of contract and implies the early termination of the seasonal contract pursuant to Art. 1454 c.c., with consequent right of the Direction to proceed with the eviction of the occupied pitch and the relocation of the caravan and annexed installation in the storage area, with charge of all the costs incurred for the eviction.

Guests/visitors of seasonal clients must, before accessing the Camping, identify themselves at the Reception and pay the daily rate, as provided for in the "Visitors" paragraph.

In case of sale of the caravan and annexed installations, the Direction is entitle not to accept the successor and in any case the total balance for the current season must be paid by the vendor. In any case, the sub-letting of the caravan and annexed installations is forbidden.


Any set-up (curtains, verandas, shading systems, coverings to protect caravans, pre-entrance of mobile units, raised platforms, etc.) placed by the Customer on the pitch assigned by the Direction, has to be removable and must be removed within the closing time of the Camping-site (September 30th).

Any installation on the pitch must comply with current regulations and laws and must have a decent appearance. In particular, any installation must cover a total area not exceeding 13 square meter and the average height must not exceed more than 25 cm the mobile unit of which they are pertinent.

Any failure to comply with the aforementioned rules regarding the dimension, height and consistency of lightweight items constitutes a serious breach of contract and implies the early termination of the seasonal contract pursuant to art. 1454 c.c., with consequent right of the Direction to proceed with the eviction of the occupied pitch and the relocation of the caravan and annexed installations in the storage, all costs incurred for the eviction will be charged to the customer.


Campsite customers are allowed to receive guests. If in possession of a car, this must be placed in the parking lot outside the campsite. Access to guests at the camping-site is allowed only during the opening hours of the Reception, upon payment of the daily rate. Visitors are kindly requested to provide proof of identity upon entry. Minor guests are not allowed, unless accompanied by adults, who are obliged to monitor their behavior during their entire stay at the camping-site.

Unwelcome guests

In case of any failure to comply with the present General Terms & cConditions and, in any case, any behavior that damages the harmony or the spirit of the campsite entitles the Direction to esclude the undesired guest.


The guests of the campsite are required to respect the environment, vegetation, hygiene and cleanliness of the accommodation. It is forbidden to alter in any way and by any means the flora existing within the Camping. Ligatures to plants to support covers and to hang clothes are forbidden.

Ignition of fires

It is forbidden to light free fires on the whole area of the Camping. The ignition of fire are subject to the most restrictive rules of the Entities responsible for the protection and conservation of heritage.

The use of barbecues is authorized only on days when there is not a "moderate" wind with an intensity greater than 3 on the Beaufort scale (wind speed between 5.5 and 8 m/s). The use of gas stoves inside the pitches is authorized at a distance of more than 1 meter from the vegetation.

Waste disposal

It is forbidden to dispose waste outside the appropriate containers in compliance with the current legislation on separate collection of waste. It is forbidden to dispose waste-water, of any type and of any origin, outside the specific user points located inside the camping site (compulsory procedure for the discharge of sewage of caravans and campers).


The electricity connection is allowed, subject to the authorization of the Direction, only for lighting and refrigerator and can not exceed 3 amperes.

It is forbidden to clutter the viable routes located inside the Camping with cables; it is also forbidden to use the surrounding vegetation as a support. The staff of the Camping is expressly authorized to the immediate relocation without notice of any cable and or other object affixed in violation of the previous point.

The electrical connection is allowed only with an EEC-compliant electric cable. The cable must have a length not exceeding 25 meters and there must be no joints from the caravan to the electrical column.


Between 14:00 p.m. and 16:00 p.m., please respect the afternoon rest and therefore avoid disturbing other guests, it is therefore forbidden to speak in a tone that is not adequate for quiet and rest and to use any kind of mechanical means.

In any case, it is always forbidden to adopt behaviors or use sound diffusion devices that could cause disturb the public peace within the Camping, as well as on the beach.


Pets are allowed to enter the site upon payment of a specific fee. The owners of animals are responsible for any damage caused by them. Dogs must be kept on a leash and the owners must prove vaccination certificates.


It is forbidden to use the playground for children under the age of 3 and above 12 years old. Access to playgrounds is allowed only with the supervision of parents/adults who are responsible for their children. The entrance with bicycles or balls inside the playground is not permitted. Inside the Camping the staff is authorized to pick up the bike of the minors who cycle to a speed above the limit allowed and that create danger to third parties; the vehicle will be made available to the adult responsible for the minor.


In case of any kind of emergencies the national emergency telephone number is 112.
The Camping number is 0341.421143 or 339.7396373.


Customers and/or their guests are personally responsible towards Campeggio Rivabella and/or third parties for any damage to persons and/or things, direct and/or indirect, for any reason caused as a result of any conduct undertaken in violation of the present General Terms & Conditions.

Each Customer is required to keep the personal objects owned scrupulously. The Direction assumes no responsibility for any objects lost or stolen, except for those left under its custody. The Direction assumes no responsibility for damages to cars, caravans, or other goods caused by the fall of branches and/or other objects.

Campeggio Rivabella declines all responsibility for lost or stolen objects or values, for damages to persons or things not depending on direct negligence of the Camping staff, for damages, disservices and breakdowns caused by bad weather or force majeure.



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